With a vision for a sustainable U.S. healthcare delivery system that produces high value healthcare for all citizens, the ASU Center for Healthcare Delivery and Policy aims to:

  • Describe, promote, and facilitate the realization of high-value healthcare delivery

  • Identify the barriers to high-value care, as well as the policy implications and options to overcome such barriers and facilitate the self-organization of a high-value healthcare delivery system

  • Train and empower students across the learning continuum to become effective leaders and change agents in promoting the formation of a high-value healthcare delivery system

The center is led by Denis Cortese, MD, who joined ASU after serving as CEO of Mayo Clinic and head of the Mayo Health Policy Center, with former Mayo Chief Administrative Officer Robert Smoldt, MBA. Cortese and Smoldt have long partnered in advancing a vision for the highest value healthcare system in the world, and have developed this center at ASU to focus their efforts on the issue.

By convening a network of individuals, institutions, and organizations, as well as university assets focused on healthcare delivery, the center aims to contribute ideas, solutions, and evidence to influence policy and practices that will lead to higher value healthcare delivery in Arizona, nationally and internationally.